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FRAIT, the Family Resilience Assessment Instrument and Tool created by health visitors for health visitors to use in their daily practice.


The FRAIT comprises of the FRAI (Family Resilience Assessment Instrument) and the FRAT (Family Resilience Assessment Tool), both of which form an evidenced based assessment for health visitors in their daily practice. Its purpose is to assist health visitors in decision making, care planning and planning for further interventions and resources.


Using this standardised approach can help to provide an opening with families to discuss resilience and its protective factors.

Community of practice

The FRAIT Community of Practice meets every three months providing a solution focussed forum for FRAIT issues raised by health visitors across Wales.


Contact Michelle Thomas for more information of if you would like to become a member.

Registration for use 

FRAIT is free to use by registered NHS (health visitor) staff in Wales, but its use must be registered with us first.


For more details on use in other countries please send your request to Carolyn Wallace:


Use of FRAIT is subject to copyright to: 
Prifysgol De Cymru to Gwasanaethau Masnachol USW Cyf 2019 / USW Commercial Services Ltd 2019

Once registered you can login to use the FRAIT website anytime. 

Please register using your NHS email address.

© FRAIT is subject to copyright to: Prifysgol De Cymru to Gwasanaethau Masnachol USW Cyf 2019 / USW Commercial Services Ltd 2019

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